The Company

  1. D. & K. Parkinson Sound Lighting Services P/L began as a family business in Victoria, Australia in 1982 and expanded in 1986 to include South Australia and the Northern Territory. Twenty years later they opened a branch in the U.S.A.

  2. Their main focus to date has been to provide equipment and crew to feature films, television series, commercials, staging events and photographic shoots.

  3. They have heavy haulage trucks suitable for large projects as well as commercial transporters tailored to small-to-medium sized jobs. Vehicles are generally hired with crew and can be configured to fit unique job parameters.

  4. The warehouse contains an extensive range of equipment suitable to meet a wide variety of lighting needs. Specialty equipment is available on request.

  5. All equipment is checked and tagged to comply with safe working standards.  All crew sent out with equipment are suitably qualified.

  1. D. & K. Parkinson Sound Lighting Services P/L provide lighting equipment, personnel and generator hire for feature films, television series and commercial productions.

  2. David Parkinson

  3. Chris Parkinson